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A Week of Outfit Inspiration: How the Zoe Tank Became My New Go-To

A Week of Outfit Inspiration: How the Zoe Tank Became My New Go-To

Before we release any new apparel pieces into the world, we believe in putting them to the test. One of the products in our recent drop, the Zoe tank top, has exceeded our expectations and quickly become our favorite outfit base layer.

Allow us to take you through a week of outfits with the Zoe tank, showcasing its versatility and comfort.

Casual yet chic, I paired the Zoe tank with wide-leg jeans, sandals, and hoop earrings. The tank provided the perfect foundation for a relaxed yet stylish look.

For a more polished ensemble, I styled the Zoe tank with linen pants, a jean jacket, and comfortable flats. The tank effortlessly elevated the outfit, creating a cool and laid-back vibe.

I opted for a feminine and fashionable look by pairing the Zoe tank with a skirt and high-heel sandals. The tank's sleek and seamless design allowed it to be tucked into the skirt without any bunching or discomfort.

For an office-ready look, I dressed up the Zoe tank with tailored slacks, a blazer, and loafers. The tank proved to be comfortable without compromising professionalism.

For a fun and evening look, I combined the Zoe tank with a wrap skirt, heels, and a leather jacket. The tank's versatility shone through once again, effortlessly transitioning from a professional setting to a night out.

Styled for running some quick errands, brunching with friends, or strolling around the city, I paired Zoe tank with some relaxed-fit, wide-leg colored jeans and some comfy sneakers for a laid back weekend vibe.

Sundays are perfect for some self-care, some errands, or both. I opted to stay cozy while conquering your to-do list by matching our Zoe tank with a pair of jeans, an oversized sweater, and a pair of clogs.

Recap and Reflection:
The Zoe tank impressed me on many levels. The eco viscose fabric provided a soft and comfortable feel against my skin, making it a pleasure to wear throughout a hot summer week. The weight of the fabric was just right, ensuring comfort without added bulk or weight.

One standout feature of the Zoe tank is its seamless construction. Knitted on a 3D knitting machine, it eliminates side-body seams, resulting in a smooth and flattering appearance when tucked into pants or skirts. No more uncomfortable bunching!

Last but not least, the Zoe tank washed wonderfully. I followed the care instructions, washing it on a warm cycle and laying it flat to dry. To my delight, it emerged from the wash looking just as great as when I first received it.

Do you have a favorite look?

We would love to hear which of these Zoe tank outfits you enjoyed the most. Send us an email! 

To learn more about the Zoe tank and explore its versatility, visit the Zoe tank product page here.

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