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Birdie and Claire were the great grandaunt and great grandmother of our founder. As a child, she watched them thrive well into their 90's. They were the epitome and embodiment of everything we hope this brand will be about: kindness, inclusion, generosity, friendship, sisterhood, joy, sophistication, and style. This brand is one big love letter to them and all the important women who have shaped us along the way.


“Paying attention is the most basic and profound expression of love.” 

-Tara Brach 

Women of every age deserve to dress in styles that make them feel confident. Yet for too long, fashion has been youth-obsessed, and women across age spectrums are asked to fit into styles and sizes that don’t work for them, that don’t feel good to them, and that don’t feel made for them. 

We know that what can seem like a relatively trivial problem with clothes is much deeper. The discouragement and frustration we feel takes time, energy, and excitement away from the people and moments that are so important to all of us.

We believe that with the right offering, we can begin to make women feel heard and represented in the fashion world as they age. Birdie & Claire is our way of showing love by turning our attention to the fashion wants and needs of the women who have too often been overlooked.