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Craftsmanship in Motion: A Fascinating Glimpse into Our Brooklyn Factory Partner’s Production Process

Craftsmanship in Motion: A Fascinating Glimpse into Our Brooklyn Factory Partner’s Production Process

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating your favorite knitwear pieces? Allow us to take you on a virtual tour behind the scenes of our Brooklyn factory partner, where every thread is expertly knit to perfection. From the initial design stages to the finishing touches, each step is a testament to the dedication of this talented team.

Step 1: The journey begins long before the knitting machines are humming. The remarkable team puts countless hours into design, development, and technical specifications. Sophisticated programming ensures that the 3D-knitting machines are ready to work their magic.

Step 2: With great care and precision, the knitting process begins. The machines start working away, intertwining the fibers. A standout feature of 3D-knitting? The ability to craft each garment as one seamless piece ensures comfort with no bulky side seams, durability, and less waste. 

Step 3: There are Quality Control checks at every phase of production. Once the knitting is complete, every garment is scrutinized. They inspect each piece using a light station (which looks like a giant light bulb), ensuring the quality and catching any imperfections.

Step 4: Before reaching your hands, the knitwear undergoes a wash, ensuring uniform fabric colors and preventing any shrinkage. We take pride in delivering garments that maintain their quality, wash after wash. 

Step 5: Say goodbye to wrinkles! Every piece receives the royal treatment and is carefully pressed. There are 3 steps to pressing: Blocking, Steaming, and Setting.⁠ Garments are laid out according to the intended shape of the silhouette⁠. Consistency is key, and the team meticulously measures each inch of the knitwear against the garment specifications. This ensures that the sizing is flawless, providing you with the perfect fit every time. After each garment is blocked, steam is pumped into the flattened product to manipulate the fibers and to set the fit before locking.⁠ 

Step 6: Time for the finishing touches! A skilled sewing team devotes their attention to every detail, sewing in tags and perfecting the edges of each garment. This stage is where each garment comes to life.

Step 7: The final step is packaging. Hangtags are attached, last checks are completed, and each garment is carefully packaged, ready to make its journey to your doorstep. 

Step 8: Finally, the much-anticipated moment arrives. Your new knitwear finds its home with you, ready to be enjoyed.

From the passion of the design team to the dedication of the skilled knitwear production team, every step of the production process showcases a commitment to delivering exceptional knitwear. 

We are so grateful to the amazing factory partners that we work with and invite you to experience the art and craftsmanship that goes into every knit piece.

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