Woman in jacket and scarf, smiling outside and holding coffee cup
Close up of woman smiling
Close up of woman smiling


When we looked at the fashion landscape, we realized the women we looked up to were nowhere to be found. We watched our mothers become discouraged by their options as we saw brand after brand launch with an ever-younger target customer.

Birdie & Claire is a clothing brand created to reflect the women we know and love: older and beautiful, energetic, and confident. While we center mature women in our product curation and design process, our goal is to create and find styles so timeless and comfortable, women of all ages will love them. 

It has been a true joy building Birdie & Claire, and we are so very grateful you are here.

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    We are determined to bring you the styles, function, and sizes you want. Our thoughtfully designed apparel pieces are created with input from customer interviews.

    We will always focus on high-quality materials, skilled production partners, and sustainable and ethical practices. We aim to do well and do good.

    Birdie & Claire Apparel Products Coming Early 2023.

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    Shopping should take as long as you want it to. Our carefully assorted collections of products and accessories save time and energy when shopping.

    Over time, we will expand our style and size offerings to be a reliable shopping destination that fits your life and can be personalized to your individual style.

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    We aim to provide customer service that answers your questions and creates a sense of ease, relief, and comfort. 

    Reach out to us anytime about our products, an order, or any experience you've had with our company. Though we aren't "in store" with you, you're not alone in finding your desired look.