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GenM: Making menopause support more visible with the M-Tick symbol

GenM: Making menopause support more visible with the M-Tick symbol

Our partner, GenM empowers brands to understand and cater to menopausal shoppers and employees, improving the experience for all.

Through robust research, GenM has recognized the growing need for better support and understanding of menopause among consumers. Did you know their recent report found that 97% of menopausal women in the UK believe brands should work harder to cater to their needs?

That’s why GenM has created the M-Tick - the world's first independent symbol for menopause-friendly products. Exclusive to the GenM collective, the M-Tick provides a reliable and clear visual representation, ensuring that customers can confidently select products that cater to their menopausal needs.

Let's dive into what the M-Tick is, why it's important, and how it empowers women in managing their menopause.

What is the M-Tick?

The M-Tick is an iconic symbol that makes menopause-friendly products more visible and credible. It has been developed for all products - whether new or existing - that meet at least one of the M-Tick criteria. By using the M-Tick, consumers have access to a wider range of choices in managing their menopause by trialing 'menopause-friendly' products. This symbol simplifies the shopping experience for women, empowering them to take control of their menopause journey. Through the M-Tick, customers gain the ability to make informed choices about products that specifically address their menopausal symptoms.

The Importance of the M-Tick:

The M-Tick responds to overwhelming consumer demands for better support during menopause. By embracing the M-Tick, brands demonstrate their commitment to supporting and understanding women going through this significant life stage. The symbol empowers women to identify and choose products that cater to their specific needs, facilitating a normalized conversation around menopause.

M-Tick Criteria and the Birdie Dress:

We are thrilled to announce that the Birdie Dress has been recognized for meeting the M-Tick criteria. Designed with women and the aging process in mind, the Birdie Dress showcases the functionality and support that M-Tick labeled products offer. For instance, the dress is made with cupro fabric, specifically selected to regulate body temperature, ensuring optimal comfort. Additionally, the Birdie Dress's silhouette allows for the use of supportive bras, addressing the needs of women experiencing menopausal symptoms. It is a prime example of a product that not only makes women feel confident and beautiful but also provides the intentional design elements to help manage menopause symptoms.

What’s next?

The GenM M-Tick is a significant step towards making menopause more visible and ensuring women worldwide feel supported, understood, and represented. We are excited to work with fellow GenM collective brands to expand the range of menopause-friendly products available and foster a world where women can navigate menopause with confidence and ease.

Join us in embracing the M-Tick and becoming part of this transformative movement. 

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