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The Cozy Winter Gift Guide

Gift guide season is upon us! As the weather gets chillier and the days get shorter, we’re putting together a list of our favorite things for a guaranteed cozy winter. If you need a gift for someone you love (yourself included), look no further. 

Important clarification and disclaimer: We have no relationship with these brands, and these items are not sponsored in any way. They’re just things we genuinely like and think our community might too! These are NOT affiliate links, and we do NOT receive a commission. 

So without further ado, please enjoy the cozy winter shopping list picks:
  • Winter Coats: The Curated These coats were love at first sight. The company is a women-owned small business with a strong mission and focus on slow fashion that we truly admire. Not to mention, their products are fabulous! If you’re looking for a great fitting and well-made coat, we highly recommend checking out this brand. 

  • Boots: Thursday Boot Co. As two people who grew up with New England winters, we have experienced the conflict between wanting shoes that look good and shoes that can withstand trudging through the elements. We’re big fans of these boots.   

  • Handmade Mugs: Farmhouse Pottery This business is located nearby us in Vermont. These handmade pottery pieces have a simple elegance to them and make for excellent gifts. We can’t think of a better mug for a hot beverage on a cold day. There are so many other pieces and thoughtful gifts available on their website, so if you know someone who is tough to shop for, this might be the place to find something perfect. 

  • Holiday Baking: King Arthur Flour Another local business located just down the road from us has everything you could possibly want when it comes to holiday baking. There are so many good baking mixes and gift kits: breads, muffins, cookies, scones, pancakes, hot chocolate...even dog biscuits! We also admire their B-Corp certification and model of 100% employee ownership. 

  • Travel Scarf: E Marie This item was discovered from Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2019 and is our co-founder Julie’s go-to for travel. When unfolded, it’s a fabulous wrap scarf or a blanket when you’re cold on an airplane...and then when it’s folded up in the carry pouch, you’ve got a comfy travel pillow! It’s soft and comes in a variety of great colors. 

  • Bags: Lo & Sons Founded by Helen Lo at age 65 along with her two sons, Lo & Sons is a family-owned business that makes some of the best bags we’ve seen. (You can watch the TODAY show interview about their business here). They focus on the details and design features that make packing and traveling a lot easier. Not to mention, they are lightweight and have a timeless, fashionable look. While they offer many styles for work and travel, our personal favorite is the crossbody style called “The Pearl,” which is a great everyday purse and can turn into a clutch that you can dress up. 

  • Planners and Organization: Cloth & Paper There is something about a beautiful paper planner or notebook that makes everything feel better and more organized. Cloth & Paper has quite possibly the most gorgeous planners, sticky notes, and stationery. It makes us want to spend the whole day organizing our notebooks! The designs are minimal and just so lovely that they make us smile. There are so many inserts, dividers, and accessories to choose from, so you can customize the planner system to work for you. 

  • Glassware and Homewares: Simon Pearce Simon Pearce is a Vermont-based glass company that offers gifts for special and everyday occasions. In addition to beautiful glassware and pottery, Simon Pearce is committed to producing its goods sustainably, including using hydroelectricity and solar power at its Vermont locations. 

  • Active- and Comfort-wear: Girlfriend Collective We love this company’s soft and comfortable pieces, and we love that many of their clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles. Their transparent production practices make them a great, conscious choice for someone looking for something comfortable or cozy. 

  • Socks: Solmate Socks Solmate makes mismatched socks that are colorful and comfortable. This woman-founded business has many bright color options for bringing cheer to every member of the family. 

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