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Behind the Scenes - Updates

Behind the Scenes - Updates

You might be looking at our site and thinking, “Wait a second? I’m confused. I thought Birdie & Claire made their own products? Why are there other brands here? Is it a boutique now? What’s the story?!

We would be wondering the same thing, so we thought we would pull back the curtain and share more about our products and timeline behind the scenes. 

Here’s the deal. 

When we started our business pre-2020, our plan was to start with a collection of formal wear that was so beautiful customers would want to start crashing weddings just to have an excuse to wear them all. 

But then...we all know what happened and formal wear during a pandemic didn’t feel like a great mix. 

We’ve poured our hearts into coming up with amazing Birdie & Claire designs along with an incredible team of design partners who we could not be more grateful to have working with us. 

That said, like all good things, it takes time. More time than we expected. 

We remain steadfast in our mission to provide great apparel options for women as they age and offerings that capture the spirit and style of the older generations of women we know and love. 

So in the meantime...while we wait to share our custom designs, we’ve put together a handpicked selection of pieces from other fabulous brands.

We spent hours scouring the internet and talking to apparel sourcing partners, so that you don’t have to. No more filtering through thousands of items to find the one thing you’re searching for. 

Our hope is that this carefully picked collection of products feels crafted with care just for you. We’re super excited about everything featured on our site and hope you are too. 

If after looking through all the products we have in stock, you’re thinking: “Well, I like that one item but...they don’t have the right color...or they don’t have my’s sold out...or it’s almost right if it was just [insert some design change like the length of the sleeves].”’s the BEST thing about shopping small: We can help with ALL of that! 

We promise if you send us a note, we will do everything in our power to work it out and get you what you like. With a great network of vendors, it’s not out of the question that we can find you that one-off thing you are looking for, something similar, or point you in the direction of another shop that carries what you need.  

Just ask. We’re here to help. Email us at

New products will be added throughout the fall and winter, and everyone on our newsletter list will be the first to know! Sign-up below for the updates. 


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