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Behind the Scenes - Life as a New Business

Behind the Scenes - Life as a New Business

Well hello again! 

Birdie & Claire is back on the blog! Were you wondering why our site, emails, and social media has been a little… 🦗🦗🦗 (crickets)?

Did you miss us and think we had disappeared forever? Or were you thinking, phew! One less email in my inbox each month? 

As a brand, we are finding our groove with updates, emails, and social media posts. It has definitely been a minute since you've heard from us, so this blog post is a bit of a catch-up to fill you in on where we've been and ALL the work that's been happening behind the scenes. 

So what have we been up to?

  • Samples, samples…and more samples: Getting the product just right has been a process and involved many twists, turns, pattern tweaks, and adjustments. A huge shout out and thank you to our design and production partners for their support along the way. We have been laser focused on product fit and materials, and each round of sample revisions has gotten us closer to pieces we can be proud to share. Good things take time, right??
  • Photography: With all those samples underway, it was finally time for a photo shoot. Enter the incredible Studio DeLuca team. We will share more in the coming months, but Karen and Chris were a joy to work with and instrumental in bringing the visual look of Birdie & Claire to life. Seeing the fabulous models, Kristina, Misty, and April, wearing the Birdie & Claire dresses (that not too long ago existed just as sketches!) was truly an "Oh my goodness! Is this happening?!" moment. 
  • Details, Operations, Logistics, and Organizing: Less glamorous, but just as important, we've been working on all the less-visible pieces that will ultimately make things run smoothly. A good product is only good if we have the foundations in place to actually get that product to you. 
  • Collaborations: One of the best parts of starting Birdie & Claire has been getting to connect with aligned businesses and organizations. We’ve been planning away on some exciting collaborations that we can’t wait to share over the coming months. Stay tuned!  

There are lots of ideas (too many?!) for upcoming events, guest blog posts, interviews, and resources. Let us know if there’s specific content you’d like to see!

You can always send us an email at or find us on instagram @birdieandclaire. We'd love to chat. 


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